Here you can read about previous NOMAD and related workshops - upcoming events are available here.

NOMAD Academic Workshops

Academic Workshop I (with code developers)

In Jan 2016, NOMAD and CECAM held a workshop "Towards a Common Format for Computational Materials Science Data", where representatives of more than 20 leading material science simulation packages worked together on solving long standing issues.

You can read about the outcome of the workshop in this Psi-k Highlight.

Our report Data formats and compression also describes our work on translating the data of all important codes into a standardized, code-independent, format.

Academic Workshop II 

Coming soon - planned for early 2017.


NOMAD Industry Meetings 

Industry Meeting I

In March 2016, we held our first Industry Meeting to inform a variety of industries about the NOMAD Laboratory and to learn what types of tools they would like to see developed.

You can read our report of the first Industry Meeting here.


Other Relevant Workshops 

7th School and Workshop on Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory (TDDFT): Prospects and Applications

11 - 23 Sept 2016, Benasque, Spain

Young researchers attended a school, with both theoretical and practical classes, where basic TDDFT theory was taught followed by a workshop to introduce them to cutting-edge research in the field. The school was followed by an international workshop, where the new developments of TDDFT and Many-Body Techniques for the calculation of excitations were discussed. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together leading experts in all these fields with different backgrounds, like density functional, many-body, nuclear physics, quantum chemists, and biophysicists to allow the exchange of ideas and creation of links between traditionally separated communities. NOMAD Investigator Angel Rubio (Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter) was one of the organizers.

FHI-aims Developers' and Users' Meeting: Electronic Structure Theory with Numeric Atom-Centered Basis Functions

20 - 22 July 2016, München, Germany

This workshop focused on methods that leverage localized, numeric atom-centered orbital (NAO) basis functions, a choice upon which a number of the strongest available electronic structure developments are founded. It brought together key players from the FHI-aims code and related European and international efforts to highlight, discuss, and advance the state of the art of NAO-based modeling of molecules and materials based on the first principles of quantum mechanics. The Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, which coordinates NOMAD was one of the sponsors. 

Workshop on Big-Data-Driven Materials Science

27 - 30 July 2016, Ringberg Castle, Germany

Organized by Matthias Scheffler (NOMAD Coordinator, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society), this workshop aimed to deepen existing collaboration plans and explore new ideas for cooperation in the area of Big Data in materials science.

Hands-on workshop and Humboldt-Kolleg: Density-Functional Theory and Beyond - Basic Principles and Modern Insights

02 - 13 May 2016, Isfahan, Iran

Held in Iran, this workshop (02 - 13 May 2016) dealt with the basics and recent advances of electronic-structure theory, especially density-functional theory. The Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, which coordinates NOMAD was one of the sponsors. 

You can download presentations, tutorials and practical sessions here.