NOMAD facilitates and integrates high performance computing (HPC) usage in Horizon 2020.

Key partners providing NOMAD with HPC services are European centers with petascale compute systems and storage: Barcelona Supercomputing Center in Spain, CSC - IT Center for Science in Finland, the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre and the Max Planck Computing and Data Facility in Germany. Partners are working together to define and develop the architecture of the infrastructure - the technology platform.

The NOMAD platform will consist of a distributed multi-layered storage system connected to scalable computing capacity. Where feasible, already existing solutions at the supercomputing centers will be employed to minimize the need for new hardware and will enable the use of dedicated servers or cloud capacity.

After deployment, the NOMAD infrastructure will be operated at European scale. Also, new sites, beyond the participating supercomputing centres, will be supported in setting up local installations of the NOMAD services. A local installation will enable providing extended capacity for eligible users. Services and individual processing tasks will be configured to minimize data redistributions in the global workflow.

The NOMAD Laboratory CoE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the HPC-Europe3 (HPCE3) programme. HPCE3 funds international research visits and can be, for example, used to start collaboration projects with NOMAD developers to speed up adopting and develop together NOMAD analytics tools. Detailed description and eligibility for HPCE3 funded visits can be found at the HPCE3 website.

Contact concerning general aspects of the CoE: Kylie O'Brien

Contact concerning HPC Services and Infrastructure: Atte Sillanpää