We've been conducting one-to-one interviews with decision makers and technical R&D personnel to gain an even deeper understanding of industry needs and requirements to inform the development of the NOMAD Laboratory and our Sustainability Plan. 

You can read the latest interviews from the companies below:

  • Dr. Suchismita Sanyal, Shell (posted 12 Aug 2016)

  • Dr. Ansgar Schäfer, BASF (posted 22 Aug 2016)

  • Dr. Pedro Martínez, Iberdrola (posted 31 Aug 2016)

  • Mr. Julio Bono Pérez, ISFOC (posted 09 Sept 2016)
  • Dr. Michael Krein, Lockheed Martin (posted 19 Sept 2016)

  • Dr. Victor Milman, BIOVIA (posted 26 Oct 2016)