The NOMAD team has already been busy networking and engaging with industry since the project started in November 2015. A key element of our Industrial Outreach strategy is to seek and promote contact with interested decision makers to understand the strategic needs, habits, and expectations of the industrial sector. We want to identify what (incremental or disruptive) data tools could be strategic and have maximum benefit for industry. We’ve initially engaged with companies from a broad range of sectors, ranging from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large, multinational corporations.

Industry Meetings

As we develop our tools, we will seek industrial feedback in a number of arenas, from the appropriateness of our user interface and documentation, to reproducibility standards, and the robustness of our software tools for users operating in an industrial environment.

In March 2016, we held our first Industry Meeting to inform a variety of industries about the NOMAD Laboratory and to learn what types of tools they would like to see developed. We also had our first meeting with our Industry Advisory Committee, which includes prominent representatives from SpringerMaterials, Haldor Topsøe, ONYX, QuantumWise, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA, Fraunhofer, BP plc, Nokia Technologies and BASF SE .

You can read our report of the first Industry Meeting here

We hosted our second Industry Meeting 06 - 07 Feb 2017 in Hamburg where industry-based decision makers and R&D representatives were again our special guests, providing us with feedback and valuable ideas on how to maximise our impact.

After this meeting, we put together a brief report for industry on the first 15 months of the project and overview slides to introduce the project to industry users (Powerpoint, PDF).

A final Industry Meeting is also planned for 05 - 06 Feb 2018 in London. If you are interested in joining this meeting, you can contact Kylie O'Brien (

Industry Interviews

To gain a deeper understanding of what industry wants and needs from NOMAD, we're conducting one-to-one interviews with industry representatives.

You can read the interviews here.