Through our Outreach Activities, we will stimulate interest and public awareness of the importance of computational materials science, network with industry and other researchers and ensure that all of NOMAD's tools are relevant and accessible to academic and industrial users

Researcher Networking

NOMAD includes an array of researcher networking and outreach activities, targeting other materials science and ‘big data’ researchers:

  • Engagement with existing international materials science research communities CECAM, Psi-k and ETSF - we will deliver annual researcher workshops in collaboration with CECAM and Psi-k and seek input into the design of NOMAD tools.
  • Interaction with the broader High Performance Computing (HPC) community - NOMAD already includes four supercomputing partners but we will interact with other members of the HPC community through organisations such as the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) and EUDAT.
  • Collaboration with other Centers of Excellence (CoE) - Nine CoEs, including NOMAD, have been funded by the European Commission. We will actively engage with these projects, in particular Materials Design at the Exascale (MaX) and E-CAM.
  • Networking with other international research data facilities, such as the Materials Genome Initiative.



We will also reach other researchers through open access publications in high impact journals and presentations at scientific conferences, and through one-day hands-on tutorials on the use of NOMAD tools.

NOMAD is also committed to the education of future researchers in materials science. We will develop teaching materials for materials science courses that focus on Big-Data analytics, and make them widely available through the project website.

Public Awareness

NOMAD will also communicate the importance of materials science through communication activities aimed at the general public and mass media, policymakers and government agencies.

We will raise public awareness of NOMAD and materials science in general through:

We'll also specifically target national and European funding agencies, European technological platforms and the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) through direct briefings and meetings.