NOMAD Laboratory


Jan 1, 2016

First NOMAD Academic Workshop

First NOMAD Academic Workshop "Towards a Common Format for Computational Materials Science Data"
Lausanne, January 25 to January 27 2016 (first part: discussion and decisions) and January 27 to February 5 2016 (second part: implementation)

We're excited to host the first of our Academic Workshops in Lausanne! The workshop focused on working towards a common format for computational materials science data, and was held over two sessions, focusing on discussion (25 - 27 Jan) and implementation (27 Jan - 05 Feb).


Information and data exchange is an essential requirement for today's scientific progress. The software used in the theoretical materials science community urgently needs to support and facilitate these modern aspects. A prerequisite for seamless data exchange across electronic structure program frameworks is standardization, i.e., well-defined reference physical quantities, representations, and data formats. To realize this goal, we propose a two-part workshop (2.5 + 8.5 days) to discuss the specifications with leading electronic structure code developers and consequently to implement a software library that enables standardisation of materials science data.


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