NOMAD Laboratory


Nov 1, 2017

NOMAD Senior Ambassador Visit to HTBLA Kaindorf

On 31 Oct 2017, NOMAD Senior Ambassador and BSC researcher Georg Huhs gave several talks in HTBLA Kaindorf, a technical high school with a focus on engineering, automation technology, informatics and mechatronics. 

Using the search for new materials for turbine coatings - a NOMAD Success Story - as an example, these talks demonstrated the relationship between engineering, physics, and high-performance computing (HPC), all culminating in addressing a materials science Big Data challenge.

Following the talks, there was a discussion session, where the students showed particular interest in multidisciplinary education and working abroad, as well as learning more about the life of a scientist. The Senior Ambassador visit raised further interest in future collaborations, e.g. in the context of "diploma thesis" projects and talent support.