Dec 20, 2017

Summer School "Hands-on DFT and Beyond" 2018

The 2018 installment of the Summer School Hands-On DFT and Beyond: Frontiers of Advanced Electronic Structure and Molecular Dynamics Methods will be held at Peking University, China, from July 30 to August 10.


Posted by: kylie

Topics covered during the event will be the basics as well as recent developments of electronic-structure theory in materials science, solid-state physics, and computational chemistry. The focus will be in particular on density-functional theory (DFT), but also topics beyond DFT will be covered: ab initio thermodynamics, molecular dynamics, and statistical mechanics, excited-state properties, nuclear quantum effects, multi-scale modeling as well as machine learning approaches to potential parametrization, Big-Data dimensionality reduction, and property prediction.

Registration will open early in January 2018.

Information will be available at: meetings/dft-workshop-2018