NOMAD Laboratory


Jan 4, 2018

NOMAD Summer 2018 Announced

Following the success of NOMAD Summer 2017NOMAD Summer 2018 - A hands-on workshop on tools for novel materials discovery, will be held at the CECAM Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, September 24 - 27, 2018.

NOMAD Summer will focus on making use of materials Big Data for novel materials discovery. In particular, this school will introduce both novice and advanced researchers in academia and industry to methods and practical tools to:

1. upload, share, and download materials science data using the NOMAD Repository and Archive;
2. visualize physical processes and complex relationships between materials properties with Advanced Graphics;
3. search and retrieve the vast amount of computed materials properties using the NOMAD Encyclopedia;
4. identify correlations and structure in big data of materials, towards the final goal of predicting novel materials with tailored properties with NOMAD Analytics Toolkit.

More information and application details available here.