Apr 15, 2018

NOMAD at BigMax Workshop 2018

The NOMAD team were well represented at the BigMax Workshop 2018 in Kloster Irsee, Germany, 10 - 13 April 2018. BigMax is a collaboration where twelve facilities of the Max Planck Society combine their know-how in data-driven materials science.

  • NOMAD Principal Investigator C. Draxl, HU Berlin, gave an invited talk 'Making scientific data accessible: The materials encyclopedia'.
  • M. Kuban, HU Berlin presented a poster 'Electronic structure fingerprints as similarity measures'.
  • M. Troppenz, HU Berlin presented a poster 'Cluster expansions with CELL: applications to simple and complex alloys'.
  • B. Hoock, HU Berlin presented a poster 'Compressed-sensing-based feature selection: defining the best model'.