NOMAD Laboratory


Jun 5, 2018

Making the Data Revolution Happen - Prof. M. Scheffler gave Only Plenary Keynote at the Global IoT Summit

NOMAD Coordinator Matthias Scheffler gave the ONLY Plenary Keynote Speech, 'Making the Data Revolution Happen - Turning Billions of Data from Computational Materials Science into Knowledge by Artificial Intelligence' at the Global IoT Summit 2018 Opening Plenary Session on Tuesday, June 5. In the audience, there were top officials, including the Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda of Spain, the Deputy Minister for Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness of the Government of the Basque Country and a Delegate Councilor for Urban Planning of the City Council of Bilbao. Additionally, about 800 participants of the IoT Summit were present.

Matthias also spoke at the workshop Making the Data Revolution Happen: Machine Learning and Big Data - Will it help transforming Data into Knowledge?  on Monday, June 4. The goal of the workshop was to discuss new Big Data processing and analytics approaches, which will be required to create useful knowledge from the massive data streams generated by billions of smart IoT devices.

"Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing numerous fields, and materials science is no exception. Aggregating and analysing the billions of data from computational materials science will enable us to categorise the endless space of materials and exploit hidden relationships for basic research and societal important applications."

Matthias Scheffler