NOMAD Laboratory


May 30, 2018

Over 50 million open access total-energy calculations in the NOMAD Repository & Archive!

The NOMAD Repository and Archive already hold more than 50 million open-access calculations!

While many fields struggle with Open Science, as noted in the 2017 Nature Editorial Empty rhetoric over data sharing slows science, the computational materials science community has already embraced the concept. When NOMAD launched in 2015, we expected to include maybe 100,000 calculations by the end of 2018. 

The Repository is the only Nature Scientific Data Recommended Data Repository for materials science and is listed on the re3data registry of research data repositories.

NOMAD has developed what is by now the largest repository for input and output files for the materials science community, with the Archive supporting 40 different codes, including most recently force-field codes. Many codes now carry the 'Supported by NOMAD' stamp on their web pages. Where codes are not yet supported, we offer extensive help to develop the necessary parser. 

There are many benefits to using the NOMAD Repository and Archive:

  • Uploaders can choose to make their files open access (under Creative-Commons License) immediately or share them with only a few colleagues only. Open access can be delayed by up to 3 years.
  • Uploaded data are checked for consistency, and open access uploads (only those) will be processed and stored in the NOMAD Archive.
  • Data is easily citable - with just a single click, a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) can be requested.
  • No identification is necessary for downloading Open Access data.

To learn more about the concept of the NOMAD Laboratory CoE, watch this 3-minute movie or read our upcoming MRS Bulletin 'NOMAD: The FAIR Concept for Big-Data-Driven Materials Science'.