NOMAD Laboratory


Jun 1, 2018

Countdown to NOMAD Summer 2018!

There was huge interest from scientists and engineers from academia and various industrial companies all over the world in the upcoming NOMAD Summer 2018 event, which will be held September 24 - 27, 2018 at the CECAM Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

NOMAD Summer is dedicated to Big Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, which are revolutionizing numerous fields - materials science is no exception. At this timely moment, NOMAD Summer will introduce novice and advanced researchers (from both academia and industry) to data-driven computational methods. Participants will also gain access to practical - and readily usable - tools for novel materials discovery developed by NOMAD.

This is the second NOMAD Summer, building on the hugely successful event in 2017. We're looking forward to another great series of sessions with fellow Big-Data enthusiasts this year!

NOMAD Summer 2017 Participants