NOMAD Laboratory


Jul 19, 2018

Helping pharmaceutical companies discover new drugs faster 

NOMAD VR tools can be used to experience more than just materials science data!

Working with the Research and Innovation team of TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), a Global Leader in IT Services, NOMAD's Rubén García-Hernández developed the virtual reality visualization of a new in-silico model of skin developed by TCS. In their tutorial, you can watch drugs pass through virtual skin.

This technology holds enormous potential for drug companies - new, better drugs that can be applied on the skin rather than injected can be discovered using computers instead of time-consuming, costly experiments with cells in laboratories or animal models.

There are many demos and videos of the exciting VR tools developed by NOMAD - have a look or get in touch with our VR team!


HTC Vive images of a drug molecule (top) passing through a virtual model of skin (bottom)