NOMAD Laboratory


Jun 24, 2016

NOMAD at iPolyMorphs Workshop

NOMAD researchers participated in the iPolymorphs, Novel Routes to Inorganic Polymorphs Workshop, organized by the Universitat de Barcelona.

Over the last few decades, numerous theoretical predictions and new experimental synthesis methods have begun to expand the world of novel metastable polymorphs, often requiring the collaboration of both theoreticians and experimentalists. This workshop brought together theoreticians and experimentalists to exchange and create new ideas to advance this exciting interdisciplinary field.

NOMAD Coordinator Matthias Scheffler gave a plenary talk on NOMAD on 23 June, entitled 'Patterns, Correlations and Causality in Big Data of Materials: Analytics for Novel Materials Discovery'.

In addition, postdoctoral researchers Rosendo Valero and Ask Larsen from the Universitat de Barcelona presented NOMAD during the poster session (22 June), including a hands on demonstration of the current capabilities of NOMAD.