NOMAD Laboratory


Aug 21, 2018

Exploring emerging scientific fields in Arkhimedes

The NOMAD team in AALTO has joined up with the university's School of Business for a unique collaboration exploring the emerging field of Big-Data-driven materials science.

In the June 2018 edition of Arkhimedes, published by the the Finnish Physical Society, the Finnish Mathematical Society and the Physical Society in Finland, Prof. Rinke, Prof. Granqvist and Dr. Geurts describe materials innovation and the new Big-Data-driven materials research paradigm.

The new Big-Data-driven materials research paradigm. The traditional approach (left) relies on experimentation and theory to discover materials one at a time. In the big data-driven approach (right), data from current and previous studies is collected and machine learning methods discover new materials from large amounts of data. 


Potential development of emerging scientific fields over time by interest. The AALTO team are trying to establish which curve database driven materials science follows and where we are on it.

You can read the full article here.