NOMAD Laboratory


Aug 15, 2018

exciting and NOMAD - from Berlin to Shanghai

From 31 July to 09 August 2018, NOMAD’s team at the Humboldt University Berlin hosted “HoW exciting! 2018”, a hands-on tutorial on excitations in solids, followed by an international workshop with world-leading experts.

This year's event included lectures from a number of NOMAD scientists, including Claudia Draxl, Andris Gulans, Patrick Rinke, Pasquale Pavone and Matria Troppenz. This year, the event was co-organized with the EU Training Network INFORM.

HoW exciting! 2018 hands-on tutorial participants 

Electronic-structure theory, excitations, and Big Data are also the key topics of the “Exciting Shanghai School”, that will take place 17 - 22 November 2018. It consists of keynote lectures on first-principles simulations in materials science and hands-on tutorials. This event is jointly hosted by the International Centre for Quantum and Molecular Structures (ICQMS) and the Materials and Genomics Institute (MGI) of the Shanghai University, Shanghai, China.