NOMAD Laboratory


Aug 15, 2018

Hands-On DFT and Beyond Summer School

NOMAD scientists traveled to Beijing this summer (30 July 30 to 10 August 2018) to teach and tutor at another installment of the Summer School series “Hands-On DFT and Beyond” this year under the greater topic “Frontiers of Advanced Electronic Structure and Molecular Dynamics Methods” and generously funded by the Sino-German Center for Science Promotion, a joint effort by Germany’s DFG and China’s NSFC.

 Topics ranged from the very basics of electronic-structure theory to their application for materials and molecules of real interest by means of approaches to sampling/structure search, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, transport, excited states and spectroscopy, and finally also to Big-Data Analytics in computational materials science. In total, 68 students, 27 lecturers, and 14 tutors enjoyed the open and creative atmosphere at Peking University’s School of Physics. The school was organized by Carsten Baldauf and Matthias Scheffler of Fritz Haber Institute in Berlin, Volker Blum from Duke University in Durham, Xinguo Ren from the University of Science, and Technology of China in Hefei, and in particular by Xinzheng Li and Hong Jiang of Peking University.


“Hands-On DFT and Beyond” participants enjoyed both the lecture theatre and the local sights