NOMAD Laboratory


Sep 24, 2016

7th School and Workshop on Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory (TDDFT)

The School and Workshop were held 11 - 23 Sept 2016 in Benasque, Spain.

Young researchers attended a school, with both theoretical and practical classes, where basic TDDFT theory was taught followed by a workshop to introduce them to cutting-edge research in the field. The school was followed by an international workshop, where the new developments of TDDFT and Many-Body Techniques for the calculation of excitations were discussed. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together leading experts in all these fields with different backgrounds, like density functional, many-body, nuclear physics, quantum chemists, and biophysicists to allow the exchange of ideas and creation of links between traditionally separated communities. NOMAD Investigator Angel Rubio (Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter) was one of the organizers.