NOMAD Laboratory


Mar 27, 2017

IMPRESS workshop at Aalto

The Interface Morphology Prediction with Robust and Efficient Structure Search (IMPRESS) workshop at Aalto University addresses structure prediction at surfaces and interfaces. Recently, novel machine-learning approaches have started to compete with more traditional, stochastic structure prediction methods, such as basin hoping or simulated annealing.

The objective of the IMPRESS workshop, supported by NOMAD, CECAM and Psi-k, is to bring the machine learning community and the traditional structure search community together, so that both can learn and benefit from each others experience.

Location: Aalto Design Factory, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

Organizers: Dr. Milica Todorović, Dr. Oliver T. Hofmann, Prof. Patrick Rinke

Website: http://impress2017.aalto.fi/

Abstract deadline: 15 April 2017