Demos and software for the Google Cardboard (Android and IOS)

The NOMAD Advanced Graphics team has developed a number of virtual-reality (VR) examples that can be viewed with Google Cardboard for Android, which are presented below.

Click here to learn more about how to use these with Google Cardboard for Android, and for download links.

NOMAD has exhibited these VR simulations at a number of events.

The post-processed dataset was also used to provide stereoscopic, 360° panoramic videos for outreach.


Molecular dynamics with electron density

Adsorption of carbon dioxide on calcium oxide

Dataset provided by Dr Sergey Levchenko (Theory department, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society)

Configuration file: CO2-CaO-Rel-300T.ncfg

Molecular dynamics simulation dataset (137 MB).

Hardware limitations of current mobile phones force us to only show the first 300 timesteps, and to use a simplified rendering algorithm.

Molecular dynamics without electron density

Cracks in silicon

2880 atoms, 470 timesteps. Dataset provided by Prof Gábor Csanyi, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.

Relevant publication: Kermode et al, Nature, 2008

Configuration file: Si-csanyiAndroid.ncfg

Molecular dynamics simulation dataset (compressed, 22 MB): bulk_111_11b0_temp350.rar

This dataset takes around 10 seconds to load in an Alcatel Flash Plus 2 with Android 6.0. Please be patient.


Generated by thermal md at 300K, 241 timesteps.

Dataset provided by Raison Dsouza, Atomically Resolved Dynamics department, Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter.

Configuration file: cytosine.ncfg

Molecular dynamics simulation dataset:

Crystal structures

IrO2 Nanoparticle

Nanostructures provided by Dr. Daniel Opalka and Jakob Timmermann - Chair of Theoretical Chemisty, Technical University of Munich.

Configuration file: IrO2.ncfg

Molecular dynamics simulation dataset (compressed): 111_t1_4830.rar

From the NOMAD Encyclopedia

Crystal structure of AcO3Sc - space group 221

Crystal structure of C4H11AuBIN2 - space group 2

Crystal structure of Nb8As4 - space group 62

From NOMAD Analytics

Crystal structure of Bi5Rh

Configuration file: Bi5Rh.ncfg

Dataset: Analytics-Bi5Rh.json (this NOMAD Analytics result)

 Example Visualizations in IOS (iPad), using different Google Cardboard profiles


Heptazine in water

Instructions for the NOMAD Google VR viewer for Android

The viewer is available in the Google Play Store: 

-Please install a zip decompressor in your phone to expand the zip links downloaded from the Encyclopedia. After opening the NOMAD Google VR app, click on File Manager and search for your desired .ncfg file.

-Download the datasets preferably in the internal storage. Make sure that the paths to the datasets indicated in the .ncfg files match. When using Android 7, you will need to indicate absolute paths.

-Pressing the button will start/stop the movement in the gaze's direction.

Instructions for the NOMAD Google VR viewer for IOS

Follow the instructions here to compile and install the software in your device. Use iTunes to transfer the datasets to the Documents folder of NOMAD VR.