To make your data citable, we offer you to request a digital object identifier (DOI). It can, e.g., be used to point to your data in a publication. DOIs can only be provided for datasets, not for single entries. For this purpose, a dataset, containing this entry, must be created before. Obviously, a DOI can only be provided for open-access data.

To receive a DOI, login to your account, go to My uploaded data, mark the corresponding dataset and request a DOI by clicking on Create DOI for dataset. You will receive the DOI within seconds. Browsing this DOI will lead you to the entry in the repository. This service is free.

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Materials Project raw data (input and output files) directly accessible via the MP webpage by a link to NOMAD ...more  

Currently, the NOMAD Repository contains 50,236,539 open access total-energy calculations.

New codes supported: BigDFT, CP2K, CPMD, DMol3, Elk, FLEUR, GPAW, MOLCAS, NWChem, octopus, ONETEP, ORCA, SIESTA, and TURBOMOLE

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