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The results of the NOMAD crowd-sourced data analytics competition with Kaggle are out!

The goal of this competition was for participants to develop or apply data analytics models for the prediction of two target properties: the formation energy (which is an indication of the stability of a new material) and the bandgap energy (which is an indication of the potential for transparency over the visible range) to facilitate the discovery of new transparent conductors and allow for advancements in (opto)electronic technologies. A total of 5,000.00 euros in prizes were awarded to the top-three participants with the best performing models.

Congratulations to Tony Y. (Japan), Dr. Yury Lysogorskiy (Germany) and Lars Blumenthal (United Kingdom)!

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Junior ambassadors are high-school and undergraduate students who promote NOMAD to the young general public. They have joined NOMAD Encyclopedia Coding Parties and supported the NOMAD team at the Long Night of Sciences.

NOMAD Senior Ambassadors

Senior ambassadors are NOMAD researchers involved in outreach in their communities. For example, Georg Huhs visited HTBLA Kaindorf, Austria on 31 October 2017 to talk about NOMAD and the life of a scientist. 

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NOMAD is advancing our understanding of materials that could be used to solve many global challenges. In a recent paper, the NOMAD team at UB studied nanoparticles that may someday be used to generate clean energy (O. Lamiel-Garcia, K. C. Ko, J. Y. Lee, S. T. Bromley, F. Illas, J. Chem. Theory and Comput., 13 1785 (2017)). 

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